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A Will is a legal document that states your wishes upon death and can protect your wealth and provide financial security for your family.

We have an experienced team of will solicitors and lawyers who can provide specialist advice in relation to Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning. Our will solicitors and will lawyers can offer advice in Urdu and Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and Arabic.

We also provide hospital and home visits where necessary. Please call us for an informal discussion or to request a personalised quote.

Ansham White can assist you in the following areas:

  • Wills and Probate
  • Codicils
  • Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Deeds of Variation

The death of a loved one is always a distressing and emotional time for the family as a whole. Ansham White Probate Solicitors specialise in obtaining grants of probate, letters of administration, cases of Will disputes and inheritance claims.

We have a team of and probate lawyers who have many years of experience in dealing with complex estate matters. In some cases we have prepared a deed of variation to maximise tax benefits for our clients.

Our wills and probate solicitors have specialist knowledge in handling all aspects of estate administration and provide both a professional and personal service. We offer compassionate and sympathetic advice to ensure that the process from start to finish is dealt with in the most efficient manner possible. Our aim is to lift the burden of Probate from our client in a cost-effective manner.


Ansham White can assist you in the following areas:

  • Grants of Probate
  • Letters of Administration
  • Administration of estates
  • Dead of Variation
  • Will Disputes
  • Inheritance Disputes
Coming soon
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a way of allowing a person you trust the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf, especially if you lack mental capacity at some point in the future or you no longer wish to make decisions for yourself.

There are two types of LPA’s:

  1. Property and Financial Affairs
  2. Health and Welfare

Property and Financial Affairs

This can be used to appoint attorneys to make various decisions on the donor’s behalf and they include:

  • Dealing with donor’s taxation issues
  • Claim any benefits on behalf of the donor
  • Buy or sell any properties in place of the donor
  • Deal with the bank account belonging to the donor

Health and Welfare 

This can be used to appoint attorneys to make decisions on the following, but is not limited to it:

  • Whereabouts the donor should live
  • Whether to consent or refuse medical treatments when necessary
  • The day to day care of the donor

Lasting Powers of Attorney should be submitted to the Office of the Public Guardian and an experienced solicitor can assist you with this.

A solicitor will be required to assess the donor’s capacity to appoint a Power of Attorney ensuring that they are making such decisions on their own accord and there is no undue influence. Our expert solicitors will be able to advise you on these matters in detail.

If there is doubt about the donor’s capacity, then a medical opinion may be sought. If an LPA is contested, then the matter will be decided by the Court of Protection if the dispute cannot be resolved. The attorney must always act in the best interest of the donor.

We have the best solicitors to assist you in this field. We also understand that often instructions are given under difficult circumstances due to illness or frailty. Our solicitors would be happy to arrange for a hospital or home visit at your convenience.