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“We engaged Vikas Mehta of Ansham White to defend Litigation proceedings against us.  From the inception of this matter, we found that Vikas engaged well with the core of the matter and understood our concerns.  Throughout the process, he ensured that we were kept abreast of all responses from the other party and always explained our legal position as well as our options on how we could respond.  Whenever we needed further clarification on a particular aspect of our case, Vikas was able to clearly explain this and suggest how best to reply.  We felt comfortable and confident in his abilities and he provided additional reassurance by allowing us to read the proposed responses before sending them, with an opportunity to amend.  Vikas remained assiduous throughout the handling of our case and we are delighted with the successful outcome he achieved.  We would be happy to recommend him and Ansham White to our friends and family.”


“Ansham White were very efficient and professional in handling my injunction case. Given a short time frame the case required work during out of office hours and a quick turnaround. Vikas Mehta from Ansham White was successful in the initial Court Hearing and subsequently negotiated an out of court settlement which had a very positive outcome for us and I would trust to use them again with any future legal proceedings.”


“Thank you Ansham White for dealing with my Estate Planning. It was a welcome relief to put my affairs in the hands of a company with such expertise and knowledge”

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