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Our Litigation Lawyers and Litigation Solicitors in Harrow, London regularly handle a wide range of disputes and provide specialist advice with the sole objective of resolving your disputes quickly and efficiently to minimise costs.

At Ansham White Solicitors we understand that dealing with any dispute whether it’s small or large, can be a really stressful experience, especially if you are unsure about the procedure or the costs involved. When approaching the best Litigation Solicitors in Harrow, you can rely on our expertise to assist you with all your litigation matters.  

We can assist you with:

  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Debt Issues
  • Personal Negligence
  • Consumer Rights – confilicts with retailers, suppliers or providers
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes and Property Disagreements
  • Landlord and Tenant Issues

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is no longer an alternative to litigation. In fact now it is considered an obligation before a claim is filed in the Courts. The present case law suggests that the party which unreasonably refuses to mediate may suffer adverse cost consequences at trial, even where they are the successful party. Our team of solicitors and lawyers are dedicated to resolving disputes and identifying opportunities for mediation. That said, our team at Ansham White Solicitors recognise that in some cases in order to achieve an outcome that our client requires, it is necessary to issue proceedings without delay.

For your free 20 minute initial consultation

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