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Online Rx Tramadol, Buy Generic Tramadol Uk

Ansham White Family Law Solicitors is one of the most experienced and reliable law firms in London. We are based in Harrow, just a few minutes’ walk from Rayners Lane tube station.

Amongst our team of family law lawyers we have a Resolution accredited Family Law Specialist and member of the Law Society’s Family Law panel. We can offer advice in Urdu, Punjabi, Modern Greek, Bengali and Arabic.

At Ansham White Family Solicitors, we deal with family matters with sensitivity as we are aware of the emotional pain and stress felt upon a breakdown of a relationship or a marriage. We protect our clients’ interests whilst at the same time guiding them through this process with sympathy and compassion.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Divorce Advice
  • Separation
  • Non-Molestation order and domestic violence
  • Cohabitation / Relationship breakdown
  • TOLATA claims
  • Civil Partnership breakdown
  • Child Abduction
  • Divorce Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Children’s Act Proceedings
  • Child Maintenance
  • Financial Provision and Settlement
  • Pensions
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Change of name Deed

Divorce Lawyers, Divorce Solicitors

Our team of divorce lawyers and divorce solicitors understands the stress that divorce entails. Nevertheless, we have high expertise in dealing with all aspects of divorce, separation of unmarried couples, dissolution of civil partnerships or nullity and judicial separation.

It is difficult at the beginning of a case to judge the timescale of a divorce although we are confident that we can advise you on an estimate at the preliminary meeting. Our divorce advice will involve informing you that certain situations would need to be resolved before obtaining a Decree Absolute and the requirements of child care if there are children involved. A couple must be married for at least a year in order to obtain a divorce petition.

Contact us for divorce advice.

Financial Relief

There are various financial aspects that need to be considered when a marriage or civil partnership breaks down. Our team of expert solicitors can assist in providing you with legal advice towards pension orders, lump sums, maintenance or periodic payments, transfer of property and variations. We are able to help in negotiating settlements and can even provide you with options that may reduce any legal fees.

Non molestation Order

At Ansham White Solicitors, we can advise you on non-molestation orders which aim to protect those from suffering from domestic violence. If you’re married, in a civil partnership, a family member or sharing parental responsibility and are suffering from domestic abuse, you can apply for a non-molestation order. We are able to assist in emergency orders which can be made without notice. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration to which we can advise in making a successful application.

Child Maintenance

We understand the importance of child maintenance at the outset and are able to provide you with our professional advice including the options that are available to you:

  1. Although not legally binding, you can enter into a family based agreement
  2. Obtain an assessment for child maintenance; however you must be inside the UK to apply


We will strongly advise you that this must be considered in your financial settlement if you decide to end your relationship with your partner. The courts are able to make an order for a pension to be shared or, alternatively, you can offset a pension fund value against other matrimonial assets that you attain. We can advise you on a third option known as earmarking. This is where a percentage of inheritance from the income of the pension is awarded to the other party.

Prenuptial agreement

Our team will be able to assist you if you wish to write up a prenuptial agreement. Nevertheless, our advice will consist of various factors that you will need to satisfy before we can proceed with writing up an agreement. The courts will consider the following factor when dealing with your application:

  1. Was independent legal advice obtained?
  2. Was there pressure to sign?
  3. Was there full financial disclosure?
  4. Do both parties understand the nature of the prenuptial agreement?

Change of name

If you decide to change your name, you are able to do so provided that you have the sufficient legal documentation available. A change of name deed will need to be completed, however, If you are a divorcee, a decree absolute or a final order will be accepted.


For various reasons, you may not want to file for a divorce but would rather go ahead with the separation route. Here, at Ansham White Solicitors, we are able to assist you on the options that are available to you. If you would like to gain protection for your assets and children, a deed of separation can be finalised. If you are unsure as to what this entails, we are happy to explain to you what the benefits are in this agreement and how it can be tailored to your needs.

Child Abduction

At Ansham White Solicitors, we are aware of how intolerable it can be knowing that your child is missing from your family home. If you’re concerned that your child has been abducted, we are able to assist you immediately and provide you with the best legal advice.

If you are planning on removing your child permanently from the UK, we will be able to help you in completing an application, alongside other related matters.


We are able to assist you in any cohabitation agreement and fully advise as to what it entails. Such agreement can consist of the following:

  1. Property obtained
  2. What party owns what assets
  3. Mortgage agreements and other property

Your Cohabitation Agreement can be tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances, and can provide you succinct advice if your relationship breaks.

At Ansham White Solicitors, we aim to reach practical solutions through mediation. Mediation can minimise distress for the family in an emotionally charged legal situation. We can refer you for mediation at the very outset of the proceedings.

In the event that you have suffered domestic violence and require legal aid please refer to: Order Tramadol With Mastercard. The legal aid agency should be able to refer you to solicitors who undertake legal aid work.

For your free 20 minute initial consultation

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