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Contentious probate, in basic terms, is where there is a disagreement after someone has passed away about the distribution of their estate. The dispute could emerge from the potential beneficiary that the Will didn’t leave them what they felt was their right or were promised.  People also may have concerns regarding the way in which the Will was made. Alternatively there could be other issues sufficient to prove the Will to be invalid. There are a number of things that need to be complied with in order for a Will to be valid. The Will must have been made in [...]

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Where businesses are found to be in breach of their immigration duties, a civil penalty for illegal employment may be issued, the penalty can be up to £20,000 per breach.  This is a huge penalty - many employers may even not be aware that they are running the risk of incurring this penalty! What is the Home Office process for issuing a civil penalty notice for illegal working? Through the civil penalty regime, UKVI ensure employers are compliant with immigration rules by conducting effective Right to Work checks and that all personnel have the relevant permissions to work in the [...]

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Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK! Most people today shy away from the legal formalities of marriage and many shudder at the possibilities of having to endure a stressful divorce if things don’t work out.  Despite this many people who are unmarried but live with their partners do not fully understand their legal positions and most importantly most people have no idea what rights they would have if they were to separate in due course. Many people who co-habit go on to have children together and even purchase their home. There is a common belief that people [...]

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An increasing number of elderly people are being forced to sell their homes to pay for care fees. With the number of 85 year olds set to double by 2030, this is a situation that is only going to get more critical. Under the current system, the local authority will conduct a means test to determine how much you have to pay towards your care. The means test takes into account your income, savings and property. Will my home be included in the means test? Your home will not be counted if it is still occupied by: your partner or [...]

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Once you have prepared your Will, it is easy and natural to then put this to the back of your mind. However, many life events occur that may mean you need to reflect and make changes to your Will otherwise it may not reflect your new circumstances. If a small change to your Will is needed this can be done via a codicil but this will need to be witnessed in the same way as witnessing a Will. If significant and numerous changes are needed it may be necessary to prepare a new Will that will supersede the old Will. [...]

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You may or may not have heard about in a recent case of law which has been denied a divorce by the Court of Appeal.  This is a very interesting case where the wife said that the decision had left her trapped in a loveless marriage– seemingly forced to remain married to a husband of 40 years even though the relationship was beyond repair. However, such a situation has happened. The Courts are faced with no choice but to have to make decisions in line with existing laws. It can be argued that in ‘most’ cases the Courts do manage [...]

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At Ansham White Solicitors we are here to support you during an emotionally challenging period in your life. You may get divorce advice about your divorce matter and speak with our experienced divorce solicitors and lawyers in Harrow London. 2017 really was the year of the divorce!  We all agreed with the momentum behind Resolution’s “no fault” divorce campaign, then judgments in the divorce case of Mr and Mrs Owens and now new divorce statistics from the ONS showing that divorces are up 5.8% on 2015. What we need to consider is: What do the latest statistics really tell us? Even [...]

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Cohabitation couples are partners who live together but are not married or part of a civil partnership. Although, cohabitation is usually between couples who live together, however, it can also occur between friends. This is becoming more the case recently as house prices have risen and it has become increasingly difficult to purchase solely. As a result people are purchasing houses jointly. The problem is that couples usually make the assumption that because they have been living together for many years, they get automatic legal rights as a married couple would. If a case went to Court, the judge would [...]

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Despite this being an age of complicated financial affairs and intricate family relationships, more than two-thirds of people in the UK do not have a will ready to deal with their affairs upon their death. So why do so many people simply refuse to make one? Below are some of the key reasons why you should strongly consider having a professionally drawn up will to be your top priority. If you care about what happens to your property after you die, you should make a will. Without one, the State directs who inherits, so your friends, preferred charities and relatives [...]

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