Cohabitation Disputes

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Cohabitation couples are partners who live together but are not married or part of a civil partnership. Although, cohabitation is usually between couples who live together, however, it can also occur between friends. This is becoming more the case recently as house prices have risen and it has become increasingly difficult to purchase solely. As a result people are purchasing houses jointly. The problem is that couples usually make the assumption that because they have been living together for many years, they get automatic legal rights as a married couple would. If a case went to Court, the judge would [...]

Who should make a will?

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Despite this being an age of complicated financial affairs and intricate family relationships, more than two-thirds of people in the UK do not have a will ready to deal with their affairs upon their death. So why do so many people simply refuse to make one? Below are some of the key reasons why you should strongly consider having a professionally drawn up will to be your top priority. If you care about what happens to your property after you die, you should make a will. Without one, the State directs who inherits, so your friends, preferred charities and relatives [...]